We live and breathe political on the web. twenty9north distills decades of experience in digital including talent from Razorfish, WhittmanHart, BrandMuscle and Band Digital agencies into bold candidate forward websites and digital campaigns that attract, convert and win elections. 

Anyone can build a website; we build winners.

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We are proud to announce the twenty9north podcast! Tune in to host Eric Dusik as he breaks down the latest in the political consulting industry. Gain valuable insight into current events, learn new tips and tricks and maybe even grow a little bit. We are on a constant mission for improvement. 

Visit the podcast at: https://www.29n.agency/the-twenty9north-podcast/

This Month's Featured Clients:

Pat O'Brien has released a new website to gather complaints against current Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx. Visit today https://www.foxxfails.com

Lucy Stickan - Lucy M. Stickan is a life-long Republican who has worked for decades building the party and supporting candidates up and down the ballot. Unlike her opponent, she is a year-round Ohio resident. Visit her at: https://www.lucystickan.gop
Read the Arkansas Special Prosecuting Attorney’s findings of in his review concluding that the Pope County Quorum Court broke the law when they met in secret to issue a letter of support to the Cherokee Nation as a casino vendor. Find out more at: https://www.unitedpopecounty.org
Strive Health's network connects medical supply providers with healthcare systems, doctors, first responders and other qualified customers. Our mission is to slow, prevent and defeat COVID-19 by closing critical gaps in our national supply chain. Learn more: https://www.striverx.com
To provide information, tips and general statements pertaining to Cook County Corruption, please call our corruption hotline at 1-800-KIM-FOXX (1-800-546-3699). You will be greeted by a short message followed by a tone. After the tone we ask that you please state your name & phone number, followed by the information, tip or general informormation you wish to provide. You can help: https://www.cleanupcook.com
Friends, we have an opportunity to strengthen and grow the Chicago Republican Party, but we will only accomplish this goal with your help. Support Jesus: https://www.votesolorio.com/


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